Ever Forward!

Posted by Devin Harrigan on

It's taken a long time and hundreds of hours of work to get here but the open beta for Tactical Roll has finally begun! This is very exciting and I am super looking forward to hearing all about your experiences with the game.  So, What's Next?

Short term I am working on getting v1.1 out the door. Which is planned to include

  • Minor rules revisions and improved wording in Quick Start Rules. 
  • A set of rules reminder cards. 
  • Structurally improved board tiles. 
  • Clearer instructions for Bonus objective rewards in the Campaign Guides 

The hope is to have v1.1 out in the next week so it can be ready for play testing at ConBravo! at the end of the month. Which will be fun but scary but fun! 

In the slightly longer term my plan is to begin work on expansion content for the game. I have so many notes already to be converted to new Playable characters, combatants, stunts, gear, Bosses and Board tiles. More all the things basically. The idea is to try all this new stuff out and then cherry pick all the best and funnest for the core game.    

That's pretty much the foreseeable future of Tactical Roll. Lots of more making, testing and refining.  

Thank you all so much.