Whim Roleplay System 1.0

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Whim is a mechanic light fantasy roleplay system designed for two to four players and a game master (GM). Player outcomes are governed by a set of rolling tables representing different aspects of the player’s character: might, grace, intellect, and spirit. When the player attempts an action, they roll the three whim dice which results in one of six outcomes: astounding success, complete success, partial success, fumbling failure, outright failure, or spectacular failure. The GM then uses the outcome to define and roleplay the results. These outcomes may also be tied to specific mechanical effects, such as damage amounts or attack multipliers. Players also have resources, such as items or skills, that provide increased roleplay possibilities as well as mechanically modified outcomes.

This pack includes the resources needed to brew your own setting with the Whim system.
System Rules, character creation cards, assorted blank utility cards, and play tokens.  


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